Critical Thinking For Owners & Managers As an owner or manager, you absolutely need critical thinking skills; you will need […]
What Are You Selling And What’s The Return? Well, what we have above is two questions isn’t it really?  What […]
Your mindset and your circle of control Are you battered by the news on a daily basis – does it […]
Are these most vital 94 questions for owner managers? Someone once said something along the lines of leadership isn’t about […]
Competition is fierce, margins are thin, talent is tight, and the world is constantly changing.  If that’s a fair description […]
It’s getting to that time of year where we begin to think about; what were our objectives this time last […]
RACI Infographic
One of the all time great management thinkers, Peter Drucker, once said I’m not quite sure I wholeheartedly agree with […]
There is a very simple truth which, I believe, we all intuitively and subliminally know:  Business (and personal) growth is […]
Guest blog – Elaina Horsfall | Flourish Virtual Business Solutions Neurodivergence is a widely used term but what does it […]
Probably, the number one thinker in the area of mindset is a lady called Carol Dweck an American psychologist and […]
Capitalism has done a fantastic job of driving economic growth, improving living standards, and creating prosperity for the last 100 […]
Is trust really the curse of our modern times? It’s all around us; philandering presidents and politicians, predatory broadcasters & […]
Anyone that knows me well knows I’m not a sporty bloke, I regularly joke my wife knows more about any […]
David v Goliath – The advantage of being small The big guys have all the advantages, right?  They have money, […]
Being an engineer, my natural focus is biased towards facts and figures … hard data.  But being a manager isn’t […]
A hell of a lot of what we do is about implementing “systems”; we want to help make our client’s […]
There is a great journalist called Lucy Kellaway, once the irreverent management columnist at the Financial Times, now full time […]
Someone clever (?) once said something like “A meeting is a collective tacit confession of participants’ unwillingness to work”.  A […]
We have said for a long time and in a number of articles, blogs and webinars that “happy staff make […]
My favourite subject at school was history, with a guy called Mr Poxon.  He told me I wouldn’t get an […]
Management education and development is a lucrative business.  Training provides us with new skills and concepts (head stuff), but do […]
The what’s my number question was a question originally posed to me some years ago by Adam Young, one of […]
As you know one of my favourite management thinkers is a guy called Deming, in his book The New Economics […]
The vast majority of business owners and managers we encounter have “come off the tools”, usually from the grassroots of […]
Developing yourself, and the business, takes time and tenacity.  And one of the best ways of ensuring you get the […]