Taming Complexity - Introducing Ishikawa

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Getting staff to take responsibility

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Using the Ansoff matrix to drive company growth

Diversification is the riskiest strategy as it involves the company competing in new markets with new products. Everything is new and therefore unknown, both product and market development is required.

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KPIs driving real and quantifiable improvement

Have you ever thought about the extensive amount of time and effort that companies put into changing things but despite this, nothing much seems to actually improve?

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Getting the best from people; understanding their motivation profile

In the last blog, we looked at some of the research that has been undertaken on learning and motivation.

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Engaging people to drive change

Have you ever thought about how many times you have heard leaders say that “People are our most precious resource”?

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Driving quantifiable process improvement

Have you ever thought about the extensive amount of time and effort that companies put into changing things but despite this, nothing much seems to actually improve?

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Master your measures ...and predict the future!

I first came across this approach to looking at data when I was undertaking a Master’s degree with the World’s first Professor of Quality Management, a great guy called John Oakland.

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Master your measures

Link performance measures to processes

Have you ever thought about the measures that are most likely to keep leaders, directors and managers awake at night? Have you ever thought about how they know, or otherwise,...

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Delivering value to your customer

Have you ever thought about who, when and why the traditional “picture” of an organisation, the family tree, was first invented?

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How we learn

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The Business Excellence Model

Business Excellence Model © European Foundation for Quality ManagementThe business excellence modelMany years ago, I studied for an MBA with an excellent bloke called Prof.

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Above or below the line

Above below the line

I think (but you may have a different opinion!) that “above and below” the line is a really cool concept for both managing yourself and managing others.

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The Eisenhower Important / Urgent Framework

The Urgent-Important Matrix, is a great quick and dirty tool… my weekly (handwritten) “to do” sheet is organised using these ideas, as, apparently, there is something about handwriting something that...

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SWOT Analysis

The identification of SWOTs is critical...

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Porter Analysis

The Porter Model assesses competitive advantage

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PESTEL Analysis

PESTEL Analysis

PESTEL analysis is probably one of the most well-known top-level battle-hardened business planning tools where PESTEL is an acronym for Political, Economic, Socio-cultural, Technological, Environmental and Legislative.

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The Change and Continuity Conundrum

The Business Continuity Institute (BCI) recently surveyed over 650 organisations worldwide and found that, whilst 75% had implemented major strategic change programmes, 84% of these projects had been implemented without considering business continuity.

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Good Governance - Auditors, Your (Unlikely) Partners In Progress

If you can cast your mind back far enough, the list is as long as it is depressing – the list, that is, of organisations that have failed despite their efforts to maintain vigilance against the risks associated with running a business. The list includes the recent spectacular failures of the banks, AIG, Enron, Tyco, Polly Peck, and BCCI; there are many others besides.

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We Need A Change In Management Thinking

One of our Associates, Stuart Swalwell, recently spent some time in Los Angeles with Bill Bellows, Associate Fellow at Pratt and Whitney Rocketdyne and Leader of Enterprise Thinking, and is now drafting a paper outlining the differences between the Statius product, Optimisation 3D™, and Six Sigma. In a sentence, Six Sigma is a set of tools and techniques that concentrate on meeting specifications whilst Optimisation 3D™ focuses on the continuous improvement of the organisation as a whole so that customers remain delighted by the products or services they receive. It is hoped the final paper will be published towards the end of the year.

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A Virtuous Health And Safety Circle?

We all want our staff and workforce to go home safety to their loved ones at night and it does appear there is evidence that we are getting better at it. In a recent article for Safety Management, Mark Tyler, a partner in the legal practice Shook, Hardy and Bacon, wrote “we often hear the complaint that health and safety fines are too low, but little is heard about HSE prosecutions dropping by half over the last decade, to around 1,000 a year”.

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Value Customers - Value Customer Service

The Institute of Customer Service (ICS) has undertaken its first comprehensive research exercise examining the return on investment from customer service. When asked which activities were most likely to lead to the highest returns, eighty per cent of respondents said “gaining an understanding of the customer’s point of view”. Seventy-four per cent also said that gathering and acting on customer feedback would also prove effective.

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Corporate Manslaughter Conviction

The first conviction under corporate manslaughter legislation introduced in 2007 has now been made.

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Hack Attack

The recent Sony hack attack has shown how vulnerable our increasing love affair with the online world had made us. The explosion of information technology means that organisations are now exposed to completely new areas of risk that didn’t exist a generation ago.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

The new ISO 26000 standard, Guidance on Social Responsibility, was published late last year and gives guidance on the underlying principles of the, often confusing, area of social responsibility.

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Environmental Targets Achievable

The UK can meet its environmental target to cut greenhouse emissions by 60% over the next 20 years, the Committee on Climate Change reports. However, this will mean completely overhauling the energy sector, with an annual investment of £16bn in the 2020s, and replacing 11 million petrol cars with electric or hybrid equivalents.

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ISO 9001: One Million

Across the World, over one million ISO 9001 certificates have now been awarded according to the latest figures from the International Standards Organisation. The survey, published in October 2010, reveals that there were 1,064,785 certificates, an increase of about 80,000 on the previous year, and that certificates are now held in 178 different countries.

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PQQ Efficiency Drive

Suppliers and sub contractors throughout the construction supply chain have, for a long time, had to complete a vast number of different PQQ forms from an ever increasing number of...

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Our Clients Love Us


The Easy Choice

“From the initial interview stage, through to a final selection process, it became an easy choice with Statius management being appointed as consultants for SERAPID ISO certification. Clint was integral to us achieving certification and made the whole process relaxed with a very professional approach!”

Simply ISO9001

“Statius took time to understand us, then they made ISO9001 very simple whereas other consultants had made it impossibly complicated”

Mindset management

“This (assignment) has confirmed some things I knew, and that was useful; some things I didn’t and that too was useful. However, most importantly, I guess we all felt a bit uncomfortable at times but now we have a real and robust improvement plan to go forward with.”

Mindset management

“The (performance improvement) work you have undertaken has providing a real opportunity for us to break out of our mindset… I’m just afraid it will stop!”

Streamline and simplify

“I have to say from a personal viewpoint, since you came on board you have helped streamline and simplify our systems brilliantly, and continue to do so, which makes my job much more straight forward, and I thank you very much for all your efforts...”

Securing new business

“Without the help of Statius and the systems and processes developed we would not have secured £27m of framework agreements and term contracts.”

Changing thinking

“Statius challenged and changed our thinking, without them we would never have changed the business model and we’d be far less prepared for sale.”

Integrated management

“Statius’s hands on approach and genuine interest in the development of the Integrated Management System meant that we successfully achieved ISO 14001 certification (at the first attempt) and we shall rely on their future support as we develop our systems.”