Aligning your people to your goals

Mission, Vision, Values...What's the Purpose?

In the previous three articles we have looked at the processes necessary to develop robust, empowering and useful:

  • Purpose statements
  • Vision statements
  • Mission statements
  • Values statement

Statements, which when taken together, become your North Star… your guiding light.

Any crisis will test a company’s…and sometimes a nation’s, mettle; stress levels are raised, processes falter, attention is diverted … you need a guiding light.

We fundamentally believe that the core question any organisation must answer when creating its North Star statements, and communicating its purpose, starts with its customers: That is, what are the needs that the company is being paid to meet? Vision, mission, and values follow.

Mission, Vision, Values...Purpose

The Corona Crunch has provided an opportunity, and a trigger, for all companies to ground themselves in their North Star statements — that is, to focus intensely on the core questions:

  • Why do we exist?
  • Why are we here?
  • Most critically …Whose needs are we here to meet?

Leadership plays a critical role in answering these questions, in creating inspiring and empowering  purpose, vision, mission and values statements and, more importantly, in delivering on the promise inherent in them.

People …and not just millennial's… want to work for companies with purposes, visions, missions and business philosophies that resonate with them intellectually and emotionally…most of us need to know we are doing something to help others …

Considering the challenges facing companies right now alignment between employee purpose and organisational purpose is crucial. Employees also need to see why they should continue to show up to work amid such difficult circumstances.

Publish and be dammed!

So you’ve taken the above best practices into consideration, you have created your North Star statements. That’s great! But the question remains, what do you do with them? How do you use them and draw value from them? Just creating your North Star statement’s is not, in isolation, sufficient - they need to be put to good use so your employees are inspired to play an active role in executing your aims and ambitions.

You have put the hard work in, now flaunt it!

Place the statements:

  • On your website
  • On your business cards
  • On your marketing literature
  • Tweet about it
  • Instagram them

Be proud of the work that you have undertaken, be proud of what you have accomplished, be proud of where you are heading.

Finally, ideas on how to apply your values

Having done all this hard work what are you going to do to embed it?

Ideas we have previously employed include:

  • At the end of every project one of our clients, an architect, sends out postcards with a picture of the project on the front and their values on the back to key members of their clients team asking them to score the company on how well they lived their values during the project.  Results are collated, plotted and published
  • Another company, a consultancy, reviews all candidates applying for job interviews against a question set designed around their values.
  • Another company collates “war stories” where staff have lived one of more of the company values and these are rewarded in their monthly staff meetings
  • Others create case studies around their values and how they have been lived by various staff and these are then shared on multiple marketing platforms


For centuries, theologians and philosophers have told us that seeking meaning is central to human experience…so it should actually be no surprise at all that Simon Sinek’s TED talk …Start with Why… is the third-most-watched TED Talk of all time.

The corona virus has plunged many of us into a big and unsuspecting hole, we may be uncertain, our people may be uncertain but …

Our people are our only source of creativity and innovation; we are going to need to:

  • Reassure some of our battered and fragile people
  • Rescue and re-engage some of our customers
  • Resurrect our finances, rebuild our balance sheets and pay off bank loans … but your people don’t care about that

Staff are motivated to do their best work because of the role the company plays in society, not because it maximises the wealth of a few directors, or in the case of quoted companies often thousands of nameless shareholders. 

If you get this right, they will …and they will want to …care about doing a good job for your customers

  • Give them a North Star to aim at
  • Give them framework to behave within and
  • Unleash their potential

Unleash potential

Like leaders like Churchill and Kennedy before us, using these ideas and these processes, we can galvanise and inspire our troops to help us help others and restore the battered fabric of our business landscape.

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