The problem

The company had an existing quality management system that had been developed and implemented using a “clause based” approach, and although originally certified to the ISO standard, certification had been dropped some time ago.

As a result, the old system did not reflect the day-to-day running of the business; it added little value and to access new markets the company needed a system certified to 9001, 14001 & 45001.

The client

The company is a landscape contractor with a focus on strategic sites for housebuilders, typically, sites with 1000-20,000 units where the works required involve; working with high pressure gas, footpaths (in accordance with local council / Highways Agency standards) shrub planting and putting in street lights

The approach and the solution

The objective was to re-develop the existing systems integrating the additional health and safety and environment requirements around the activities the company undertook:

• Responding to enquiries for services

• Delivering new projects

• Maintaining existing contracts

The senior team were then involved in:

• Sketching out a top-level Core Activity Map™ showing the flow of activities undertaken; “how the work worked”

• Developing lower level process flowcharts for the key delivery operations

• Aligning key performance indicators to the core activities

• Marrying existing documentation to the core activities in order to identify gaps and eliminate gaps any overlap and duplication

The outcome

A single integrated management system for all standards that reflects the way in which the company’s work works.

• A better buy in as the system reflects the company processes procedures and uses the company’s language and terminology.

• The system links processes to KPI’s in order to drive ongoing change and quantifiable improvement.