The company is a £10m turnover facilities management company servicing offices for a range of prestigious and blue chip companies in the City.

The problem

In order to underpin their growth plans they wanted to:

• Stream line a number of rather “messy processes”

• Rationalise their head office and site based documentation

• Obtain a co-ordinated registration to a variety of prestigious and internationally acclaimed management system standards

• Use the standards to underpin their management system metrics and KPIs

The approach and the solution

The top team, consisting of the managing director, the technical director, two operational directors and the finance director, were brought together in a series of workshops to:

• Create a diagram detailing the key stages in the flow of work through the company which were defined as being

     o Generating awareness

     o Pre-qualifying and tendering

     o Mobilisation

     o Delivery, and

     o Exit

• Create a series of best practice guides for each process, which included:

     o Client focused key performance indicators

     o Management focused key performance indicators

     o Links to standard forms and templates

     o Links to various “how to” guides

As a result, a complete and integrated, operationally focused, “book of best practice” was produced which aligned with the strategic goals of the company. This was then was registered to the prestigious and internationally recognised quality, environmental and health and safety standards; ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

The benefits

The company were able to enter into tender opportunities that would have otherwise been denied to them securing more than £1m worth of tenders in the first year

• Key contracts were retained which would have otherwise been lost

• The KPI approach adopted was used with clients to show that changes made in the way in which the contracts were managed led to quantifiable, significant and scientifically provable improvements in energy and associated costs