Kay Pilsbury Thomas Architects is a niche 10 person award winning firm of architects, interior designers and technologists specialising in the historic buildings market.


The relationship between KPTA and Statius is long; Peter Thomas originally commissioned Statius in 2007 to assist the company in implementing the prestigious and internally recognised quality management standard ISO 9001. The company was assessed by TUV passing with flying colours at the first attempt.

Peter has since retained Statius as an external compliance manager to document, monitor and improve the firm’s practices and procedures as they have changed and evolved.

Since the initial assignment Statius has undertaken a number of other projects, for instance:

• As a result of the sustainable approach that the company takes to its projects, in 2012 the management system was realigned to incorporate the requirements of ISO 14001 the environment management system

• The following year, in 2013, further enhancements were made to the company’s practices and processes that allowed the company to complete the ‘triple’ when they added the health and safety standard OHSAS 18001 to the suite of certifications held

The company now has a fully integrated and externally audited management system that reflects the way in which the company delivers value to its clients; the way in which the KPTA work works.


Some of the benefits obtained include:

• Staff can concentrate on growing and developing the business as they have been relieved from time consuming yet critical processes and activities.

• Different ideas from other companies and sectors are brought to bear on the company’s systems and processes (where confidentiality allows)

• The professionalism with which the system is managed is ensured

• Revenue is protected as a result of companies insisting on registered management systems prior to admission onto tender lists