Traditionally this sector has had the uncomfortable reputation of being ruthless, uncaring and associated with the ‘loan shark’ mentality. Professor J. Beatson QC, in his report titled ‘Independent Review of Bailiff Law’, noted that “…the industry can often fail to meet the standards of the process required by common law …”.

However, much is changing and some in the industry are anxious to change the reputation and perception of the trade.

One method of obtaining the industry a measure of ‘respectability’ has been for bailiffs to attain a recognised standard of operation: ISO 9001


Statius has been involved with a number of projects in this sector, two of which include:

• Rundle & Co Ltd

• Newlyns Collection Services Ltd

The above projects have required Statius to assist with the whole process of implementing ISO 9001 from scratch. Very broadly, the process employed was as follows:

• Obtain senior management commitment

• Create awareness

• Identify any gaps in existing processes

• Involve the staff in reviewing and developing their processes

• Document (and refine) the existing processes

• Implement and document new processes where required

• Staff training

• Assistance with the implementation phase

• Audit the implemented system

• Assessment & post assessment support

In both of the above instances, the companies have also retained Statius as their quality manager.


‘Operating the ISO 9001 standard assures my clients of an efficient and reliable management system, designed to ensure consistent levels of service.’ Chris Rundle

• Gaining ISO 9001 has considerably improved employee motivation and commitment to quality and resulted in a significant improvement in internal quality standards.

• The practices now employed allow us to demonstrate ‘best value’, professionalism and the highest possible standards.