The problem

To secure a multi-million contract with a large blue-chip client the company needed to demonstrate a more robust approach to business continuity management over & above existing certifications. As a result, in order to fully understand the company’s existing processes, practises and systems a comprehensive and holistic gap analysis was required.

The client

The company offer a wide range of incentives, rewards and benefits solutions, individually designed to fit their audience. The advantages being: streamlined and simplified payment processes, reduced administrative burden and reduced costs.

Products are provided as vouchers, prepaid cards, online platforms & digital & SMS products and the company provides a unique and unrivalled total reward & recognition solution.

The approach and the project

A team was formed around the UK operations director, the head of special projects and the UK IT manager to discuss agree and define the project outputs and expectations. Following an NDA, a secure “drop box” was created and existing documentation uploaded for review and discussion, this included:

• Existing documentation relating to the currently certified management systems

• Existing but relevant documentation and processes currently sitting outside the existing management systems.

A comprehensive ISO22301 / “best practice” cross reference document was then employed to:

1. Review & assess the strengths & weaknesses of the company’s existing systems & processes.

2. Determine how the initiative could be dovetailed with a separate head office initiative (to deduplicate the effort required).

3. Guide the discussions required to identify the gaps between current and “best practice” regarding business continuity management.

The outcome

A compete, comprehensive and fully documented road map / project plan of requirements, actions and timelines for a structured approach to the implementation of a BCMS.