Founded in 1987 this client has amassed a “blue chip” client base and the company is now winning construction and design and build contracts of up to £15m. The company’s operations are predominantly focused on the leisure and retail sectors and, in any one year, the company will usually manage around 10-12 major construction sites from their head offices in Essex.

The company has expanded significantly over the last few years and, before the task became too large, the board recognised the benefits of introducing the disciplines and structures necessary for ISO 9001 registration.


This project was made more challenging than most due to two factors:

1. The impressive rate of growth the Company was experiencing, thereby putting the key players under substantial time pressure.

2. The necessary decision to restructure the company shortly after the start of the project.


“……Systems have been streamlined and improved, discipline and rigour are beginning to be imposed on key processes”

Despite the challenges, the company has already experienced significant benefits:

• A structure that supports the change management process has been imposed on a fast-changing organisation.

• Systems have been streamlined and improved.

• Discipline and rigour are beginning to be imposed on improved business processes which have been improved to support future growth.