At Statius our mission is to help ambitious owners become great leaders. 

Our purpose, the benefits and capabilities delivered to these great leaders, as a result of our intervention are:

● Better strategies
● Better systems
● Better measurement
● Engaged people delivering
● Better results

Pricing variables

As will no doubt be appreciated, some of the services offered better lend themselves to the development of a fixed price plan of action. However, with even with those where we are more able to offer a budget price a number of different variables need to be properly considered.

Management system standards 

The obvious example are management systems which would usually be independently assessed by a UKAS accredited certification agency.

The range of variables that impact the pricing include: 

The size and shape of company

Issues that may need to be considered with respect to the company would include:

● The total number of staff
● The number of staff in the management implementation team
● The number of offices or premises
● The required scope of registration; that is, will the whole of the organisation be registered or will some activities be excluded 

All of the following are “very rough” budget prices and can be confirmed with the completion of the questionnaire, and a short discussion, but we’d suggest consultancy and certification costs for the four most common standards; 9001, 14001, 45001, 27001 would, per standard, be as follows for different size companies:

Small company

• Consultancy costs £4-£10k

• Certification costs £1-2k

Medium company

• Consultancy costs £6-£14k

• Certification costs £2-3k

Large company

• Consultancy costs £10-£20k

• Certification costs £4-5k

Obviously, there is an economy of scale given more than one standard is implemented at the same time. So, again a general rule would be if you did three of the common standards together the likelihood is you’d only pay the price of two.

Finally, some of the more specialist standards are much less easy to provide a budget price for as a result if you could complete the questionnaire we’d be happy to call you back and have a chat

The standard(s) required

Obviously, the actual standard required is going to have an impact; some standards need a more detailed approach than others, others require a review of significant legislative implications, others don’t.

The activities undertaken and processes employed

If you wanted to implement a quality management system and you had 30 people doing exactly the same thing you’d have one process. If you had those same 30 people doing 30 different things you may have 30 or more processes.

If you wanted to implement a health and safety management system for a nuclear power station that would be significantly different to implementing a health and safety system for an office block.

So, the activities undertaken and processes employed are likely to have a significant impact on the overall price of the project.

The current situation

Digging deeper into the company situation we would usually need to consider:

● The degree to which assistance is required with any new programmes / projects identified

● The degree of consistency in current practices across the organisation; that is, are there significant differences in the way different parts of the organisation (teams, departments, divisions) actually execute policies, procedures, guidance notes and work instructions

The degree of integration required with current or proposed IT systems 

The degree to which any performance measurement systems are integrated into the system

●  The degree of support required with:
> Any training / awareness initiatives
   > The roll out programme
   > The initial certification 

The preferred consultancy approach

Possibly finally, there are generally typical two implementation approaches:

1) Hands on – where Statius become part of your team, we become “one of you” and take a “hands- on” approach to developing systems policies, processes, procedures and whatever other documentation is needed. 

2) Facilitative – where we take a coaching / facilitative approach; essentially, we “teach” your people and then they undertake the work themselves which we would review and check

All of the above criteria will have an influence on the overall price but given certain information, from experience, we are usually able to provide you with a budget price. If you could complete the following information we’d be happy to do exactly that: