Many Statius consultants have a background in engineering and manufacturing and have undertaken projects in:

•  Manufacturing strategy

•  6-Sigma and statistical process control (at board and operational levels)

•  5S

•  Production, assembly and operations

•  Product design

 Supply chain management

•  IT, ERP and e-commerce solutions


Statius’ client and experience base in the manufacturing sector is wide and includes:

•  SpecAc, part of the Smiths Group, who design, produce, market and sell a range of atomic and molecular spectroscopy equipment to a national and international market

•  Sontay, a privately-owned company, expert in the designing and distribution of field control systems for monitoring temperature and humidity

•  Apex and DAB Lifts two of the remaining companies in the UK both designing and manufacturing their own range of lifts

•  ITW Envopak, part of an international group designing and manufacturing tamper evident security seals

•  A whole host of manufacturers producing a variety of items, for instance; components for the oil and gas sector, high value bespoke items for high net-worth individuals, damper systems, kitchens, medical devices, springs and windows

Client benefits

Using the Statius Optimisation 3D™ tools and techniques as part of improvement projects, clients have seen vastly improved bottom line results. Other benefits include:

•  Integrated management and measurement systems focusing senior managers on the benefits and capabilities that their products deliver to customers and, in doing so, driving out waste

•  More engaged and motivated staff resulting from better people practices

•  Ongoing support in developing and improving management teams and the strategies, policies, procedures and practices necessary to ensure value-added services are continually delivered to clients