The professional services label means different things to different people and Statius has worked with a range of companies that might categorise themselves as such: Some of these clients include:


•  Architects; BPTW, Dixon Jones, TP Bennett and others

•  Bailiffs; Alexander’s, Newlyn’s, Whyte and Co and others

•  Dentists; John Ginty

•  Employment agencies; Bell Employment, Probe IT

•  Marketing agencies; Drummer, Halycon and Red and Green

•  Office machinery companies; DMC Canotec

•  Training Companies; LITS, Cudham Hall and Objektum

Client benefits

Some of the benefits these companies have seen from employing Statius include:

•  Developing systems that comply with and go beyond the requirements of internationally recognised and prestigious international standards like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001

•  Integrated management and measurement systems focusing senior managers on the benefits and capabilities that their products deliver to customers and, in doing so, driving out waste

•  Streamlining management systems making it simpler and easier to undertake the work required

•  More engaged and motivated staff resulting from better people practices

•  Ongoing support in developing and improving management teams and the strategies, policies, procedures and practices necessary to ensure value-added services are continually delivered to clients

•  Reduced accidents and incidents resulting from better health and safety management