Public Sector

Statius originally started working for the public sector over 20 years ago with the then appointment to work with Bromley Council and the remit to review and re-engineer the processes employed by the Street Lighting department.  This work expanded into a number of different department’s including:

  • Major Works;
  • Minor Works;
  • Highways enforcement;
  • Highways inspection;


Since then the work in the public sector has expanded and a small sample of the client base includes:

  • The National Environmental Research Council (NERC);
  • Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC);
  • Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH);
  • London Brought of Bromley;
  • Guildford City Council.

Client benefits

Some of the benefits obtained from employing Statius include:

  • More efficient and effective processes resulting from a collective and detailed process review;
  • Significantly reduced waste and improved productivity resulting from the implementation of effective environmental systems;
  • Integrating previously separate management systems making it simpler and easier to undertake the work required;
  • Developing systems that comply with and go beyond the requirements of internationally recognised and prestigious international standards like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001;
  • Ongoing support in developing and improving management teams and the strategies, policies, procedures and practices necessary to ensure value-added services are continually delivered to stakeholders.

Case Studies


Our Clients Love Us


The Easy Choice

“From the initial interview stage, through to a final selection process, it became an easy choice with Statius management being appointed as consultants for SERAPID ISO certification. Clint was integral to us achieving certification and made the whole process relaxed with a very professional approach!”

Simply ISO9001

“Statius took time to understand us, then they made ISO9001 very simple whereas other consultants had made it impossibly complicated”

Mindset management

“This (assignment) has confirmed some things I knew, and that was useful; some things I didn’t and that too was useful. However, most importantly, I guess we all felt a bit uncomfortable at times but now we have a real and robust improvement plan to go forward with.”

Mindset management

“The (performance improvement) work you have undertaken has providing a real opportunity for us to break out of our mindset… I’m just afraid it will stop!”

Streamline and simplify

“I have to say from a personal viewpoint, since you came on board you have helped streamline and simplify our systems brilliantly, and continue to do so, which makes my job much more straight forward, and I thank you very much for all your efforts...”

Securing new business

“Without the help of Statius and the systems and processes developed we would not have secured £27m of framework agreements and term contracts.”

Changing thinking

“Statius challenged and changed our thinking, without them we would never have changed the business model and we’d be far less prepared for sale.”

Integrated management

“Statius’s hands on approach and genuine interest in the development of the Integrated Management System meant that we successfully achieved ISO 14001 certification (at the first attempt) and we shall rely on their future support as we develop our systems.”