Delivering quantifiable change and transformation

Optimisation 3D™

The Statius change and transformation activities have been branded Optimisation 3D™. The service has been specifically designed to enable organisations to increase their “systems thinking” capability and the associated breadth and depth of their performance measurement and performance improvement processes. This whole system approach is critical in linking the organisation’s strategy to the associated operations in, often complex, organisations. Fundamental issues addressed as part of the Optimisation 3D™ process are:

•  Where do you innovate?

•  Where do you improve?

•  How do you prioritise?

Optimisation 3D™ is a workshop-based improvement programme that has been developed and refined for you to answer these questions and to deliver sustained increases in organisational performance.

•  The discovery phase

    * the identification of critical issues at a series of workshops using Deming’s published works.

•  The design phase

   * where the critical issues identified during the discovery phase are explored and investigated and organisational payback is assessed.

•  The delivery phase

   * the delivery of the chosen projects underpinned by rigorous programme management.

Optimising the whole of your organisation involves examining the interdependencies of an elaborate mix of people, performance and systems and then building on knowledge gained.

When you use the Optimisation 3D™ system, you will identify projects that tackle top priority issues to benefit your organisation.                     

Potential projects may include developing management and measurement systems that incorporate but go beyond traditional methods where efforts are focused on:

•  Delivering increased sales;

•  Delivering increased productivity;

 Involving staff to generate increases in efficiency and effectiveness;

•  Eliminating duplication and re-work that frustrates your customers, staff and finances; and

•  Getting closer to your suppliers to ensure mutual benefit.