At Statius our mission is to make ambitious owners great leaders. This means helping people with a range of different activities. Some clients may need support with a specific issue others may need more general support. The Business Accelerator Programme has been designed for smaller organisations with the following objectives:

• To create an environment which allows the participant to move from a position of working in the business to working on the business.

• To improve the organisation in the organisation so your time is gradually released and a virtuous circle created.

This will be achieved by using tools like the Activity Inventory and the Delegation Driver, amongst many others, in order to free up your time for more value adding activities by identifying the things you love doing and jettisoning the things you don’t.

The program

Essentially all sessions take the form of a board meeting where actions are agreed, assigned and reviewed in the following meeting.

The initial sessions are semi structured around the program detailed below, the objective of which is to first fully understand you and your personal aims and ambitions, in detail, before we seek to understand the business and what you are trying to achieve with it.

Find out more about the program below.