Raising Standards

Statius consultants work with a range of large, small, public and private sector organisations helping them to maintain and improve their quality, environment, health and safety, information security and a range of accompanying management systems.

Depending on your requirements, your resources available and your budget you can take a “pic ‘n’ mix” approach to the services delivered so that all assignments are designed around your specific needs. Typically the help provided might include:

•  Developing clear and realistic objectives and targets

•  Aligning teams to the needs of the business

 Holding and chairing senior management meetings

•  Undertaking internal and site based audits

•  Creating an improvement culture

•  Managing supplier selection

•  Actioning and resolving problems, issues and non-conformances

•  Providing support with certification and other audit bodies; Construction Line, Exor, Achilles, Link-Up and others

How we do it

We do this by working with you and your team to first understand your existing documented management system and then comparing it to your current practices and processes making recommendations for improvement.

Client benefits

•  You are relieved of essential but time consuming activities allowing you to properly concentrate on your own value adding activities

•  You can be confident that your internal systems are being effectively and efficiently managed and in control

•  Your certifications, registrations and accolades, and in some instances your “licence to operate” are secured and protected providing you with “piece of mind”

A recent study from the Lean Institute suggested that a staggering 55-65% of the time spent / activities in most organisations is waste; wasted effort, wasted time, people and products moving unnecessarily, waiting for people and products, re-working work, duplication and unnecessary work and more. If we could help you recapture just 5 or 10% of your 55-65% what would than mean for your bottom line?