There are several, often safety focused, accreditation and certification schemes which are regularly used by larger companies and organisations to identify, rate, assess and for those without registration, exclude, potential suppliers. Some are sector specific others are more general in nature and these bodies include:

o   Achilles

o   CHAS

o   Considerate Contractors

o   Construction Line

o   Exor


o   Safe Contractor

o   SSIP


Achilles is an accreditation scheme that provides supplier management services to companies operating in a variety of sectors, including energy, construction, and transportation. Accreditation can help companies to improve their supplier management and compliance.


CHAS (The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) is a scheme that assesses and certifies the health and safety competence of contractors and suppliers across a range of industries.

Considerate Contractors

The Considerate Constructors Scheme aims to improve the image of the construction industry by promoting best practices in health and safety, sustainability, and community engagement. Accreditation can help companies to improve their health and safety, sustainability, and community engagement practices, comply with legal requirements, industry standards and reduce costs.

Construction Line

Constructionline provides a range of benefits for buyers and suppliers in the UK construction industry, including streamlined procurement processes, improved supply chain management, improved quality and compliance.


Exor is an accreditation scheme that provides a range of supply chain and compliance services to companies operating in the public and private sectors. Accreditation can help companies to improve purchasing, operations, supply chain management and health and safety and environmental compliance.


The Railway Industry Supplier Qualification membership provides a range of benefits for suppliers looking to work with the rail industry. RISQS is run by the industry, for the industry, an approach which ensures that the best interests of rail buyers and suppliers are maintained. RISQS is here to provide the industry with supplier assurance processes and practices that are fit for the future.


As a contractor, becoming accredited with SafeContractor or as a supplier with verification from SafeSupplier, you can provide assurance that you have competence in health and safety, financial stability, environmental management, operational quality, modern slavery and much more.


SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement) is an accreditation scheme that aims to streamline the pre-qualification process for contractors and suppliers by providing a common assessment standard for health and safety competence across several of the above schemes.

The benefits of membership to the above schemes include:

o   Access to buyers: membership provides you with access to major buyers; Government departments and public sector contracts, Blue Chip companies and contracts, utilities providers and organisations like Network Rail and Transport for London. This can help you secure new and larger contracts to expand your business.

o   Improved supply chain management: membership can help you manage your supply chain by providing visibility into the performance and capabilities of pre-qualified suppliers which help you to identify and manage risk more effectively.

o   Demonstrating compliance: Membership demonstrates your commitment to compliance with relevant legislation, standards and best practices. This provides assurance to customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders, as well as reducing, for you, the risk of legal issues and financial penalties associated with non-compliance.

o   Competitive advantage: These accreditations and certifications are recognised by many companies as a standard of excellence in supplier management and compliance. Membership helps you to win new business, improve your reputation and differentiate yourself from competitors.

o   Reduced costs: Improved supplier management and compliance can lead to lower insurance premiums and increased productivity which can deliver cost savings.

o   Support, training and resources: Membership to these schemes often opens access to a range of resources and support, including training, guidance and advice on supplier management and compliance issues. Membership can also help you to keep up to date with the latest developments in your industry and to continually improve your policies and practices..

o   Improved Reputation: Accreditation demonstrates your commitment to best practice in health and safety, sustainability, and community engagement. This can improve your company’s reputation, build trust with customers and stakeholders and enhance your brand image.

Statius can help all organisations obtain for the first time, or indeed maintain registration, to each of these schemes.