The intention with our blogs, and the associated webinars, is to provide you with the thinking, the tools and the techniques that help you, and your people, deliver: 

  • Better strategies
  • Better systems
  • Better measurement
  • Engaged people delivering
  • Better results

Our blogs for 2022

Tools for treasuring talent

Interviews are the tried and trusted tool for assessing new talent.  But how effective are they?  Let’s examine a number of tools that can help you decide.

Embracing failure – Tools for learning from catastrophe

We rarely learn from success in the same way as we learn from failure. To properly survive and thrive we need to promote and embrace failure.  Here’s how.

It’s lonely at the top

How do we put in place systems and processes that help us know we’re making the right decisions .  

Why we do what we do – Intrinsic v extrinsic motivation

How to harness the intrinsic motivation of our people so they move mountains.

What’s my number?

Your life’s work has been building your business – do you love it or do you loathe it… AND was it worth it?

The behaviour change cultivator

Training provides us with new skills and concepts but does it really drive improvement and behaviour change.  If not what does? 

Business before pleasure? 

Business can offer endless adventures and limitless possibilities… 

Tools for getting stuff done – Meetings – pain or pleasure?

Top tips on how to create meetings that get stuff done  

Reliability the secret to success?

Reliability, doing stuff consistently and on time, is the key to both getting ahead and good business   

The business of happiness

Happy staff make for happy customers and happy customers come back …

Standards make you strong

How to develop codified working practises and standards, that ensure learning isn’t lost as people and process change  

Appraisals – love them or loathe them? 

Does anybody like appraisals?  Do you enjoy it?  Do your staff? What is the objective… and is there another way?     

Willpower – a tool connecting priorities to your fuel tank 

Willpower is a fickle mistress, sometimes there, sometimes not.  Willpower is a mental muscle that doesn’t bounce back quickly. How to connect your willpower to your energy reserves 

Team building and other Friday frolics

How to engage staff so they do the right thing

A tool for developing trust  

Communication is the antidote to the virus of mis-trust.  Communicate, communicate, communicate.  It’s usually only when you’re thoroughly bored of repeating yourself that things are sinking in.

Tools for improving processes  Process mapping

Some processes work well, others less so.  Process mapping helps you identify what’s working well and what’s not.  You can then prioritise to drive improvement.  

Standing up for the little guy – David v Goliath – The advantage of being small

How to leverage your size. Long-term survival for the little guy requires more curiosity, less arrogance, more humility less need to be right, better questions and fewer answers. Picking the winner – focusing time & effort  

Who wins – Systems v Culture?

How to manage the balance between systems and culture. Systems makes things slick and repeatable.  Culture is doing the right thing right.  Which wins?  

How to create a chain reaction to capture the market  

The Deming Chain reaction explains why organisations should spend effort, time and money to improve the quality of their offerings.

Payment by results – is it worth it?

Just because payment by results has common currency doesn’t mean it makes common sense.  We discuss the flaws.

Extraordinary results and the (your?) 3 commitments  

Achieving extraordinary results requires 3 commitments; to mastery, becoming your best; to seeking the best way of doing things; to doing everything you can to achieve your “one thing”.

A tool for transforming experiences 

We learn nothing if we don’t learn from experience. This blog provides a formal structure for doing just that.  

 It’s time to define next year’s goals

In the words of John Lennon, another year over and what have we done.  It’s time to take stock of the last year, learn from events, and begin again

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