The Institute of Customer Service (ICS) has undertaken its first comprehensive research exercise examining the return on investment from customer service. When asked which activities were most likely to lead to the highest returns, eighty per cent of respondents said “gaining an understanding of the customer’s point of view”. Seventy-four per cent also said that gathering and acting on customer feedback would also prove effective.

Statius’ managing director, Mark Woods, commented “This research fully endorses our change management approach as, in all instances, our first action is to establish an organisation’s “purpose”, that is, the benefits and capabilities that the organisation delivers to its customers – from the customer’s point of view; essentially, what the customers really value. Everything stems from there.” As an example, Mark went on to explain that Blockbuster Video rented videos. Their “purpose” could probably be articulated as something like providing entertainment and education for people in their own homes. But what they did was rent videos and DVDs. They are no longer with us! They focused on what they did, not on the benefits and capabilities they should have been delivering; their purpose.

A one page case study of how we helped Serco Docklands, who manage the Docklands Light Railway, get closer to their customers is available in the download section of our web site.

If you would like to learn more about how Statius could help you understand your customers, your purpose or how to gather better data from customers, please call Mark Woods on 020 8460 3345 or 07976 426 286 or email him on


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