The client is a reputable mid sized computer and IT services company enjoying sales of £6m and with a staff of 40 people. The company is primarily involved in the sales, maintenance and repair of IT systems and networks for large corporate clients in London.


Statius has a long history in working with the client originally being assigned to set up and implement the ISO 9002 standard in 1996. Statius has since been retained to assist with improving the systems as the company has grown and developed.

Various projects have focused on the various transitions over the years and new practices have been introduced to account for the need to have and to monitor company objectives and targets.

In setting objectives and targets, the directors were required to stand back, review their achievements to date, and then begin to map out where they wanted to get to in the future. This exercise resulted in a very detailed business plan mapping out objectives, targets and responsibilities.

The business plan was then linked to key objectives for each process or activity, for instance, taking a service call and completing repairs. A series of objectives and targets was also developed for particular projects that the company wanted to undertake and where necessary these were related to individual performance objectives.


• We can now bid for work from which we were previously excluded as we didn’t have the ISO certificate”

• “Implementing ISO focused our thoughts on how we managed the business… it has made us a much smoother, tighter organisation”

• “Having Statius assist us with the maintenance of the systems means that our time is spent on our core activities