The summary and the problem

Whilst the client had an excellent record regarding health and safety compliance, its directors recognised the benefit of an independent health and safety ‘health-check’ to ensure that its health and safety control measures, general awareness and statutory compliance practices reflected “best practise”.

The client

Prior to being purchased by GE and changing its trading name to GE Infrastructure, Security Homeland Protection, InVision Technologies Inc has been successfully operating in the UK over the last 10 years during which time it has installed and maintains a series of automated, semi-automated and hand-held systems for the detection of explosives, weapons and drugs.

Based upon Computer Topography (CT) technology, these state-of-the-art x-ray detection systems are now widely used in a number of airports within the UK, northern Europe and beyond.

The approach and the solution

Statius was commissioned to review the Company’s existing health and safety policy document, which included its health and safety arrangements, control measures (risk assessments and method statements etc), levels of training, competence and awareness and legal compliance.

The outcome

The recommendations form the initial report were developed into an implementation plan which resulted in:

• The development of a new and more robust health and safety policy document

• The development of a new, more comprehensive system of carrying out and reviewing risk assessments and method statements

• A programme of further training and development (where necessary) to improve individual competencies and general awareness

• Improvement in existing health and safety arrangements and associated control measures

Initial feelings and feedback from senior members of staff have been very positive with a number of benefits including:

• Greater staff involvement and understanding of individual and team objectives regarding maintaining a safe place of work and safe working practices

• Increased operational efficiency and consistency

• Reduced operational costs, e.g. costs associated with lost time due to unforeseen and poorly planned health and safety related issues, etc