The aim of this large IT services company is to provide an extension of their clients IT department and since their inception they have built a compelling portfolio of IT services. The company now cover all the major bases when it comes to improving or augmenting how IT software, hardware and licensing is provided to users. Statius has been working with this client for in excess of ten years

The approach and the solution

Having already registered to the ISO 9001 quality management standard, the company wanted to outsource the time consuming, but necessary, work of maintaining and improving the management systems and processes. As such, a request was made for Statius to develop a plan of action that assisted the company with the following:

• The planning and execution of the complete internal audit programme

• Support during external surveillance audits

• Chairing management review meetings

• Translating objectives and targets into actionable plans

• Supplier monitoring

• The management of Changes, Improvements and Problems ((ChIPs) …non-conformances in “standard speak”)

• Staff induction and training

• Updating documentation to reflect continual improvement advancements and process changes

A series of regular meetings, and their focus, are agreed on an annual basis and then consultants are selected from the Statius pool of consultants to provide the services required depending on the skill and experience required for the tasks in hand


Some of the benefits obtained include:

• In house staff time is concentrated on growing and developing the business as they are relived from time consuming yet critical processes and activities.

• Where confidentiality allows, different ideas from other companies and sectors are brought to bear on the company’s systems and processes

• The professionalism with which the system is managed is ensured

• Revenue is protected as a result of companies insisting on registered management systems prior to admission onto tender lists