Having been involved with a range of construction and of contracting companies it is hardly surprising that Statius services have caught the attention of architects over the years.

The first appointment made by an architect was for Statius to obtain the then de-facto quality management standard BS 5750 (which later became ISO 9001). Since then, a multitude of projects have been undertaken for a variety of architects.


• BPTW a then 30 strong practice focused on social housing. The first assignment involved the implementation of BS 5750, followed shortly after by the implementation of Investors in People. This has been followed by several ISO transition projects over the years.

• Dixon Jones, a prestigious and high-profile architect specialising in landmark buildings. Assignments have included the implementation and ongoing maintenance of ISO 9001

 T P Bennett, a large multi-disciplinary multi focused architect. T P Bennett commissioned Statius to re-develop and then maintain and improve their environmental management system to meet the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard

• KTPA, a niche player with a particular focus on historic buildings; Statius were originally appointed to implement and maintain the ISO 9001 management system, since then the company has adopted processes and systems to meet the requirements of the environmental management system, ISO 14001, and the health and safety management system ISO 45001

Client benefits

  Combined and integrated management systems have been established and maintained in order to reduce the administrative burden and focus the client’s staff on meeting their customer’s requirements

  The ongoing burden of maintaining systems has been outsourced to Statius freeing leaders and managers to focus on their day jobs

•  The requirements of complex standards and regulations have been delivered to the client base faster, more easily and more cost effectively, than they would have been able to manage on their own