The recent Sony hack attack has shown how vulnerable our increasing love affair with the online world had made us. The explosion of information technology means that organisations are now exposed to completely new areas of risk that didn’t exist a generation ago.

As a result, the subject of information security has percolated to the top of the management agenda for a number of reasons:

  • The loss of some very high profile data
  • Virus attacks
  • Computer hackers

We are all now very aware of the threats arising from mismanaging information security. Protecting information security is about how an organisation maintains:

  • the confidentiality of its information (C);
  • the integrity of its information (I); and
  • the availability of its information (A).

However, whilst there is a high information technology component to these issues, information security management systems also need to attend to the more old fashioned risks associated with issues like human error, staff security and, in some cases, even industrial espionage.

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