Critical Thinking For Owners & Managers As an owner or manager, you absolutely need critical thinking skills; you will need […]
What Are You Selling And What’s The Return? Well, what we have above is two questions isn’t it really?  What […]
Are these most vital 94 questions for owner managers? Someone once said something along the lines of leadership isn’t about […]
My favourite subject at school was history, with a guy called Mr Poxon.  He told me I wouldn’t get an […]
Failure; friend or foe?  It’s a cliché to say that we learn more from our mistakes than we do from […]
The intention with our blogs, and the associated webinars, is to provide you with the thinking, the tools and the […]
Conquering Cash Flow  Companies run into cash flow problems for a whole variety of reasons; expenses are underestimated, the labour […]
  One of my favourite people in the world, a lady called Louisa, who I haven’t seen in years because […]
Developing yourself, and the business, takes time and tenacity.  And one of the best ways of ensuring you get the […]
  You can drive sales revenues any number of different ways but what is right for you and how do […]
  Delegation or abdication?  How many of us have all the time we need? How many of us regularly tick […]
It obviously costs money to undertake any type of work or endeavour.  And the cost of that work might include […]
I came across two fantastically staggering statistics recently: Most buyers are now 80% of the way through the sales process […]
Business is inherently risky.   And many of us thrive on risks associated with starting, running and growing a business; new […]
Connecting vision, strategy and performance indicators  The balanced scorecard is a great little tool that seeks to link the company […]
  When it comes to customer satisfaction there are a couple of hard truths:  Defecting customers cost huge sums of money  […]
We’ve said on many occasions “happy staff lead to happy customers and happy customers come back …”  so, is the oft repeated chant of “the customer is King” correct?  For most business leaders […]
The intention with our blogs, and the associated webinars, is to provide you with the thinking, the tools and the […]
There’s a great company called Action Coach set up by an Aussie, a great guy, called Brad Sugars. He’s built […]
Tools to make you THINK differently about your business I first came across this approach to looking at data when […]